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  • Doppler Direction Finder Kit
    Track down jammers and hidden transmitters with ease! The Hit at the 1999 Dayton Hamvention! Elegant and cost effective design thanks to WA2EBY! Featured in April / May 1999 QST Article. Solid state antenna switching for "rock solid" performance. Convenient LED 22.5 degree bearing indicator. Audio Level indicator for trouble free operation. Adjustable damping rate, phase inversion, scan enable / disable. Complete with home brew "mag mount" antennas and cable, designed for quick set up and operation. Utilizes latest high speed CMOS technology for signal conditioning and audio processing! Complete and informative instructions guide you to a kit that works the first time, every time - enhances resale value, too ! Get in on the..
  • Speedy Radar Kit
    Direct readout in miles/hour, kilometers/hour or feet/second 1/8 mile range for average car-sized object Earphone output to hear actual Doppler shift The nation's #1 science fair project! Here's a kit that's not only tons of fun for everyone, but useful too! This low cost microwave radar uses the same principle found in police units costing thousands more. You'll turn heads when you clock cars, planes, runners, boats, horses, bikes, races or virtually anything that moves. Speed readout is on two LED displays which can be set accurately (better than 1%) to show MPH, kilometers-per-hour, or even feet-per-second. An earphone output allows you to actually hear the Doppler frequency shift of moving objects - the theory upon which all radars operate. Uses two 13 oz..
  • Synthesized Aircraft Receiver Kit
    Rock solid dual conversion PLL receiver! Airport runway lighting controller output! Full band scanner mode 4 user memory scanner banks, 20 frequencies each Full band skip scanner mode Adjustable skip scanner timing Internal front panel speaker External antenna input, speaker out, headphone out Stylish and shielded metal enclosure Includes our a high quality WA10 BNC telescoping whip antenna Hobby kit, assembly required, available assembled & tested as AR2WT Continuing the legacy of our famous AR1 we decided to design the ultimate aircraft receiver kit. Now you're not limited to an all band receiver or scanner that has substandard performance in the AM aircraft band, but instead can have a super performance receive..
  • Electrocardiogram Heart Monitor
    Standard Kit with case. Visible and audible display of your heart rhythm Re-usable sensors included; just like visiting the lab at the hospital! Bright LED "Beat" indicator for easy viewing Monitor output for professional display on your oscilloscope Simple and safe 9V battery operation We have found many different uses for this little kit! Applications ranging from the traditional ECG/EKG monitor to the 'Newly-Wed' Love Synchronizer! One of the main reasons we designed the ECG1 was to answer a long running debate here at the shop. We wired up the 'Boss' and finally confirmed he does not have a heart! Use the ECG1 to astound your physician with your knowledge of ECG/EKG systems. Enjoy learning about the inner workings of the heart while at the sam..