Breakout Board

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  • DS1307 RTC Module with Battery for Raspberry Pi
    DS1307 RTC Module with Battery for Raspberry Pi INTRODUCTION   This RTC module is specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi. It communicates with Raspberry Pi through I2C bus and includes a Maxim DS1307 and CR1220 button cell on the board to keep a real time clock for a long time after the Pi has powered down. Just set a serial port, and you have a convenient way of online debugging using TTL. Supports Raspberry Pi B/A+/B+/2 model B/3 model B.       SPECIFICATION     RTC module: DS1307 Battery model: CR1220 button cell Operting Voltage: 5V I2C address: 0x68 Clock precision: ±2ppm (0~40°C) Unit information: Second, Minute, Date, Week, Month..
  • FTDI Basic Breakout 3.3/5V
    INTRODUCTION This is a basic breakout board for the FTDI FT232RL USB to serial IC. The pinout of this board matches the FTDI cable to work with official Arduino and cloned 3.3V Arduino boards. It can also be used for general serial applications. The major difference with this board is that it brings out the DTR pin as opposed to the RTS pin of the FTDI cable. The DTR pin allows an Arduino target to auto-reset when a new Sketch is downloaded. This is a really nice feature to have and allows a sketch to be downloaded without having to hit the reset button. This board will auto reset any Arduino board that has the reset pin brought out to a 6-pin connector. The pins labeled BLK and GRN correspond to the colored wires on the FTDI cabl..
  • PCB of Arduino LCD Keypad Shield
    PCB of Arduino LCD Keypad Shield INTRODUCTION     This is the back panel pcb of 1602 Arduino LCD Shield. This shield allows you to place your own LCD onto this shield. It only requieres a 16x2 HD44780 compatible LCD. This Shield uses Arudino LCD4Bit library.      The pcb is compatible with the following LCD:     Basic 16x2 Character LCD - Black on Yellow 5V Basic 16x2 Character LCD - White on Blue 5V  Basic 16x2 Character LCD - Black on Yellow 3.3V    ..
  • SD Module (Arduino Compatible)
    INTRODUCTION This DFRobot SD card shield is a Break out board for standard SD card. It allows you to add mass storage and data logging to your project. SPECIFICATION Break out board for standard SD card and Micro SD (TF) card Contains a switch to select the flash card slot Sits directly on a Arduino Also be used with other microcontrollers DOCUMENTS Wiki Doc Arduino Library   SHIPPING LIST SD Module x1   ..
  • Triple Axis Accelerometer ADXL345
    INTRODUCTION Breakout board for the Analog Device ADXL345. The ADXL345 is a small, thin, low power, 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurement at up to ±16 g. Digital output data is formatted as 16-bit twos complement and is accessible through either a SPI (3- or 4-wire) or I2C digital interface.   The ADXL345 is well suited to measures the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion or shock. Its high resolution (4 mg/LSB) enables measurement of inclination changes less than 1.0°.Several special sensing functions are provided. Activity and inactivity sensing detect the presence or lack of motion and if the acceleration on any axis ..
  • Xbee USB adapter
    Introduction The DFRobot Xbee USB adapter is used for the XBee module configuration parameters to facilitate or to use as a wireless data transmission. It can be easily connected to a PC via mini USB cable. Further, it has XBee-setting support software X-CTU. It can also be used as a USB-TTL adapter.   Features  Used for the XBee module configuration parameters  Easily connected to a PC via mini USB cable  XBee-setting support software X-CTU  Also used as a USB-TTL adapter  Voltage: +5V(USB Power) ..