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  • AlphaBot, Raspberry Pi robot building kit with Pi3
    AlphaBot, Raspberry Pi robot building kit Description This kit comes with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, AlphaBot robotic platform (line tracking, obstacle avoidance, speed measuring, IR control), and a camera (with servo and 2 DOF pan head). With modules in the kit, you can fast get started with robotic development like line tracking, obstacle avoidance, IR remote control, and video monitoring via network, etc. What's more, thanks to the rich Raspberry Pi open source resources, and the modular design of AlphaBot, you'll learn how to extend and refit, and finally build your own Raspberry Pi robot. Raspberry Pi 3 Features BCM2837, 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 1GB RAM 10/100 Ethernet port ..
    CP2102 Evaluation Development Board, USB, RS232, DB9 Connector Overview The CP2102 EVAL BOARD is an evaluation board designed for CP2102, integrates MAX3232/SP3232, USB connector, DB9 connector onboard. CP2102 features: Single-Chip USB to UART Data Transfer No external resistors required, no external crystal required On-chip power-on reset circuit and voltage regulator Integrated 1024-Byte EEPROM USB Function Controller USB Specification 2.0 compliant; full-speed (12 Mbps) USB suspend states supported via SUSPEND pins UART All handshaking and modem interface signals Data formats supported: Data bits: 5, 6, 7, and 8 Stop bits: 1..
  • Debugger and Programmer for CCxxxx RF System-on-Chip (SoC) devices, CCxxxx RF transceivers, and CC85xx devices with PurePath Wireless Configurator
    Description The CC Debugger is primarily used for debugging and programming the flash on CCxxxx 8051-based System-on-Chip (SoC) devices from Texas Instruments. CC Debugger also supports CCxxxx RF transceivers. In addition, CC Debugger is used for configuring the CC85xx devices with PurePath Wireless Configurator.     Key Features Performance Compatible with the original TI CC Debugger Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows xp sp2/sp3, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows 7 32bit Target voltage: 1.2V~3.6V Capable of powering the target board from the debugger Operating temperature: 0℃~85℃ Supported Software IAR Embedded Workbench For C8051 SmartRF Flash Progr..
  • Infrared Proximity Sensor, Obstacle-Avoiding
    Infrared Proximity Sensor, Obstacle-Avoiding Overview Emitting a beam of infrared, and receive the reflected beam Features wide range voltage comparator LM393 Adjustable sensitivity Signal output indicator Specifications Power: 3.3V ~ 5V Dimension: 39mm × 15.5mm (include the IR LED) Mounting holes size: 3mm Detection range: 2cm ~ 30cm (depending on the obstacle's color, farthest for white) Detection angle: 35° Recommended environment: in door, to avoid the sunshine effect Applications Robot path tracking Obstacle-avoiding car Pipeline counter How to Use In the case of working with a MCU: VCC ↔ 3.3V ~ 5V GND ↔ GND AOUT ↔ MCU.IO (analog output) DOUT ..
  • OV7670 300KP VGA Camera Module for Arduino
    0.3MP: OV7670 OV7670 OV7670 OV7670 Optical size 1/6 inch Resolution 640×480 VGA Onboard regulator, only single 3.3V supply needed Standard 0.1inch (2.54mm) pin pitch header connector Mounted with high quality F1.8 / 6mm lens Output support for Raw RGB, RGB (GRB 4:2:2, RGB565/555/444), YUV (4:2:2) and YCbCr (4:2:2) formats High sensitivity for low-light operation Low operating voltage for embedded portable apps Standard SCCB interface compatible with I2C interface Supports image sizes: VGA, CIF, and any size scaling down from CIF to 40×30 VarioPixel® method for sub-sampling Automatic image c..
  • Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 Camera Cable
    Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 Camera Cable Overview Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 Camera Cable specification: For use with: Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3 specific Dimension: 150.0mm x 16.0mm x 0.2mm ..
  • RS485 Board (3.3V)
    Overview The RS485 Board (3.3V) is an accessory board used for adding the RS485 transceiver to your application board. The RS485 Board (3.3V) features a SP3485 onboard, integrates pinheaders and connectors to support multiple communication interfaces. It is designed to use 3.3V power supply. Features SP3485, control interface, communication interfaces Photos   Dimension Package Contains RS485 Board (3.3V) × 1 Downloads Development resources: demo codes, schematic, datasheets, etc. Click here to download ..
  • RS485 Board (5V)
    Overview The RS485 Board (5V) is an accessory board used for adding the RS485 transceiver to your application board. The RS485 Board (5V) features an SP485/MAX485 onboard, integrates pinheaders and connectors to support multiple communication interfaces. It is designed to use 5V power supply. Features SP485/MAX485, control interface, communication interfaces Photos   Dimension ..
  • ZigBee core board, features the CC2530F256 onboard, a true System-on-Chip solution for ZigBee applications
    Overview Core2530 is a ZigBee core board based on CC2530F256.     CC2530F256RHAR Features Frequency range: 2.4GHz 16 transfer chains, software configurable according to environmental conditions Radio baud rate up to 250kbps High-Performance and Low-Power 8051 microcontroller core with code prefetch 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver Wide supply-voltage range (2 V–3.6 V) Watchdog timer, battery monitor, and temperature sensor 12-Bit ADC with 8 channels and configurable resolution 2 powerful USARTs with support for several serial protocols IR generation circuitry General-Purpose timers (One 16-Bit, Two 8-Bit) AES security coprocessor 21 General-Purpose I/O pins (19 × 4 m..
  • ZigBee mother board, provides I/O expansion connectors and various interfaces
    Overview ZB500 is a ZigBee mother board that features expansion connectors for connecting ZigBee core board and accessories. ZB500 provides an easy way to set up ZigBee development system.     What's On Board ZigBee core board connector: for easily connecting ZigBee core boards I/Os interface USB interface UART/SPI interface ONE-WIRE interface Debugging interface 5V DC jack Power pin headers: input/output AMS1117-3.3 PL2303 Onboard crystal oscillator Power switch Power indicator User LEDs User keys Reset button     Photos ZB500 ZigBee mother board ZB500 ZigBee mother board back view Connecting with a ..