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  • Freaks3D - a reliable and affordable 3D printer. Take It Everywhere !
    FREAKS3D PRINTER As makers, we love 3D printing.3D printing makes our lives easier. We use it to print mechanical parts, tools, prototype our product, verify our assumptions or just make gadgets we love. It’s easy, fast and low cost. We are amazed by 3D printing technology. However, the 3D printers on the market are far from satisfying. Most of them are bulky, not light-weight enough to be carried around, hassles to use, plus price ridiculously high. We want a reliable, affordable and portable 3D printer that we can take everywhere. Moreimportantly, it should be easy-to-use for general consumer crowds like artists/designers, educators, household wives, even children who are curious about creation. 2015-7-9th See you on Indieagogo campaign.   SPECIFICAT..
  • R1 "ABS+PLA Model" Fully Assembled
    Technical Specs: ABS and PLA Physical Dimensions With Spool Holder: 15 x 22 x 18.25 in  [38.1 x 55.88 x 46.35 cm] Without Spool Holder: 15 x 17 x 18.25 in  [38.1 x 43.18 x 46.35 cm] Weight: 25.7~  [11.65 kg] Shipping Weight: 49.0 lbs  [22.22 kg] Foot Print Y Axis (As the bed moves past the machine dimensions)= 26" One Spool of 1kg of 1.75mm PLA on spool Build Volume: 10x9x8 inches (254x228.6x203.2mm) -720 cubic inches Heated Bed: 8.4x8.4 heated surface on 10x10 bed for printing in ABS plastic as well as PLA Hot end Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm diameter Filament: Uses 1.75mm diameter filament Motors: 5 Nema 17 motors with 48 oz/in holding torque Electronics: Arduino MEGA..
  • Slick 3D printer pen with LCD screen
    Description New  - 3D Pen - 1,75 mm - PLA / ABS The 3D Printing Pen gives you the same technology as in a 3D printer – but for only a fraction of the price. There is a catch though – you will have to position the extruder (the pen's tip) to draw and build the model yourself.    By pressing down the button on the side of the pen you will start drawing your model with the melted plastic – either on a surface or in the air! Create whatever you want, in any size you want. All you have to do is plug in the cord in a power outlet, insert PLA/ABS filament, and then you are ready to start drawing!    Drawing with a 3D pen is surprisingly entertaining and only your imagination will limit what you can create. It is incredibly easy to ..