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  •  Hard Case (280x195x65mm)
    Hard Case (280x195x65mm) OPTIONAL HARD CARRYING CASE FOR SL-4030, LX-105, LX-107, PH-207 etc..   ..
  •  Wind Shield Ball For SL-4030
    Wind Shield Ball For SL-4030   ..
    Instructions on use The Vernier caliper is an extremely precise measuring instrument; the reading error is 1/20 mm = 0.05 mm. Close the jaws lightly on the object to be measured. If you are measuring something with a round cross section, make sure that the axis of the object is perpendicular to the caliper. This is necessary to ensure that you are measuring the full diameter and not merely a chord. Ignore the top scale, which is calibrated in inches. Use the bottom scale, which is in metric units. Notice that there is a fixed scale and a sliding scale. The boldface numbers on the fixed scale are centimeters. The tick marks on the fixed scale between the boldface numbers are millimeters. There are ten tick marks on the sliding scale..
  • 3 In 1 Analog Camera Tester (AHD+TVI+CVBS)
    4.3 Inch 3 In 1 Analog Camera Tester HD AHD TVI CCTV Monitor Test UTP Cable 1080P CVBS Surveillance Wistino 12V1A 5V1A Audio    Video test Video System:NTSC/PAL Automatically recognize  Video level:1VPP  Display screen:4.3-inch LCD 480 * RGB * 272 (QVGA) resolution, 64K color  Screen adjustment:Video display brightness, contrast, color saturation adjustable, LCD backlight brigh tness adjustable  Video input / output:1 channel BNC Video IN     HD AHD TVI Test SD signal Format:NTSC ,PAL  HD video signal:HD AHD TVI  Resolution:D1,720P,960P 1080P  Signal Level:1Vpp     12V power output Power output:Temporary power output 12V 1A DC    &..
  • All-Sun EM5511 3 In 1 EMF Digital Multimeter
    CAT II  /  CE EMF 400/4000mG ·LCD display. Max reading 3999 ·Backlight ·Data-hold function ·Auto power off ·Autorange Voltage DC:0.4/4/40/400/600V Voltage AC:4/40/400/600V Current DC:400μ/4000μ/40m/400m/10A Current AC:400μ/4000μ/40m/400m/10A Resistance:400/4K/40K/400K/4MΩ/40MΩ Capacitance:4n/40n/400n/4μ/40μ/100μF Frequency:10/100/1K/10K/100KHz Temperature:-20-1000?C EMF:400mG/4000mG Continuity:Yes Diode Check:Yes Power:9V battery (6F22) Dimensions(W×L×T):83×162×47 mm Weight:310g (with battery)   ..
  • Electricity Meter SY1012
    Product Description The energy usage monitor uses SOC technology (Only one chip which finish ADC, MCU and LCD Driver functions). It displays Volts, Amps, Watts, Hz, VA, Time. It can be widely used in the field such as power quality checking, Cumulative Killowatt-Hour monitoring.    Application︰ Plug a electrical appliance into the SY1012 meter to monitor the electrical energy the appliance consumes. This handy eight function energy meter / monitor helps to save electricity and money! The SY1012 can provide you with an accurate cost analysis of the appliance you plug in to it. As well as providing voltage and frequency readouts, the meter also shows wattage and kWh (kilo watt hours) readings. The SY1012 Power/Energy meter will give you the knowledge to save money on..
  • Network and BNC Coax. Cable Tester
       Features & Applications The Cable Tester for CAT5/5e/6 and coaxial cable tests for cable continuity and crossed pairs. One person can check both ends of installed wiring with remote and local units. Tester for CAT5/5e/6 and coaxial cable. Power on indicator. Visible LEDs for pins 1 though 8. Visible LEDs for ground and BNC status. Check pinouts, continuity and crossed pairs.  Specifications Connectors Local unit: One RJ45 connector for testing RJ45/RJ12/RJ11 cable One BNC connector for testing c..
  • Photovoltaic Cell Analyser, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 6A 60V ±1%
    Photovoltaic Cell Analyser, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 6A 60V ±1%  Product Details     Solar Testing Specifications   To find a similar product, based on selected attributes, click the green button   Current Accuracy ±1%   Voltage Accuracy ±1%   Battery Type Rechargeable Li-Ion   Dimensions 257 x 155 x 57mm   Height 57mm   Length 257mm ..
  • TECHGEAR Analog Multimeter
    Analog Multimeter TG511AM • Japan made Moving Pointer provides  High Speed Respond & Accuracy Reading  •Electrical data measurement makes it easy such as DCV,  ACV, DCmA, Resistance and Leakage current for Diode  •dB Scale direct reading and save complicated Logarithmic Calculation •Direct reading of hFE (DC Amplification factor for Transistor) •Meter is throughout by Double Insulation Protection & comply with  IEC/EN61010 CAT II 1000V International Safety Standard   ..
  • TECHGEAR Digital Insulation Tester
      Digital Insulation Tester TG611DN   • IP54 :Water Proof Approval • Safety :IEC61010-1 standard • IEE : BS 16th Edition Wiring Regulations • Battery : AA (1.5V) x 8 • Fuse : 0.5A / 250V   ..