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  •  2 Function Joystick (Ball Stick)
     2 Function Joystick (Ball Stick) Resistance Value: 5K Resistance Tolerance: +/-20% Independent Linearity: +/-1% Resolution: Essentially Infinite Temperature Coefficient Resistance): +/-400 ppm/ C° Output Smoothness: 0.5% Maximum X/Y Axis Electricity Corner: +/-25° Z Axis Electricity Corner: N/A Insulation Resistance: 50M @ 500VDC 60 sec. Restoration Error Rate: +/- 0.03K Prolepsis Mechanical Life-cycle: 500,000 cycles Operating Temperature Range: -10° to 80° C Operate Torque: 90gf (X), 250gf (Y) ..
  • Assemtech Cylindrical Proximity Reed Switches
    Assemtech Cylindrical Proximity Reed Switches Product Details Assemtech Cylindrical Proximity Reed Switches This range of cylindrical magnetic proximity reed switches from Assemtech are designed to provide a simple and cost effective solution to position or limit sensing applications. Reed switches are often employed to carry out such functions as linear actuator switches, security system switches and door switches. Specifications   To find a similar product, based on selected attributes, click the green button   Switch Shape Cylindrical   Switch Type Proximity   ..
  • Designer Door Bell switch
    Designer Door Bell switch   Doorbell Switch Push Button Door Bell 1 Gang Size : 86 x 86 mm (singapore Standard) ..
    E SWITCH, INDUSTRIAL PUSHBUTTON, 16MM CUT OUT Product Information       Product Range: A6 Series Contact Configuration: SPDT Switch Operation: Pushlock Turn Reset Switch Terminals: Quick Connect Contact Current Max: 3A Contact Voltage AC Nom: 220V Contact Voltage DC Nom: 220V Pushbutton Actuator Style: Mushroom IP Rating: IP40     ..
  • F16 E-stop switches
    F16 E-stop switches 1.diameter:16mm 2.operation: press to lock,turn right to reset 3.head: mushroom head 4.head color:red structure:1NO+1NC 6.switch rated: 5A 250V level:IP63 material:silver with gold plating 9.terminal: pcb type   ..
  • Glaring Devil Eye Huge Red Push Button
    An 80mm button Red, Demonic and eyecatching! With 12V/3W LED inside, this devil is totally rocking in the darkness. Let us know what crazy project you are doing with it :         Button diameter: 80mm Shell diameter: 98mm Mounted Height from Dome to Panel: 50mm Mounting hole diameter: 24mm Internal Light bulb: 12V 3W Button: Micro SPDT switch, replaceable. ..
  • Grove - Button
    Grove - Button This new version of button twig contains one independent button, which are configured with pull-down resistor ? Ready for use with our microcontrollers as digital input. The button signals the SIG wire,NC is not used on this twig.   For all Grove users (especially beginners), we provide you guidance PDF documents. Please download and read through Preface - Getting Started and Introduction to Grove before your using of the product.   Document How to use Platform Supported Overview ..
  • IDEC HW1X-BV411R
    IDEC HW1X-BV411R   Product category General purpose control stations Material Plastic Degree of protection IP65 Type Emergency stop switch (pushlock turn reset) Material PA6 reinforced Applicable switch/pilot light size φ22 Colour Yellow Degree of protection IP65   ..
  • In Line DC 2.1 mm Power Switch
    In Line DC 2.1 mm Power Switch This is a simple way to add a power switch to your project. The connector used is on of the most popular sizes for small DC power supplies. Note: The DC Plug uses a 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector Technical Data Current 6.0A max. Voltage 48VDC max. Type Switch   ..
  • Low Profile Emergency Stop Switch
    Low Profile Emergency Stop Switch   Product Details Series 84 Low Profile Emergency Stop Switch The switch is ideal for use on hand held, portable or compact sized equipment, where space is at a premium, but where an emergency stop facility must be provided or desirable. A yellow Protection Guard is available to stop accidental activation. Low body height above panel 26mm Short below panel depth 14mm Mounting panel thickness 1-4mm LED illuminated or non illuminated version LED illumination visable from side view LED working voltage 5-30Vdc Non illumination version has black status indication ring Foolproof action to EN 60947 Switch rating 3A 120Vac, 1.5A 240Vac Switch front protection rating IP65 Si..