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  • 9g micro servo (1.6kg)
    9g micro servo (1.6kg)​ INTRODUCTION Do you need a servo for a tiny little project? Or are you seeking for an affordable solution? This mini servo is quite impressive, it does quite the job for a large range of tasks. Only weights 9 grams and gives you a 1.6kg cm torque. Pretty strong regarding its size. Suitable for Beam robots and other automation tasks. Keep in mind that if you need some heavy lifting you should be considering some of our other options. This servo is for you if you are planning on building smaller size robots.  APPLICATIONS Insect bot SPECIFICATION ..
  • DF15RSMG 360 Degree Motor (20kg)
    INTRODUCTION This is the most powerful standard servo sized motor from DFRobot so far. The DF15RSMG  equips with two pairs of the servo shells. One is a stardard shell with four M4 mounting holes. And the other one includes a shell with double bearing which is specially designed for the application of the robot arm or the joints.The shells of this kit are thickened to make it stable enough for motion system.   The torque of this motor is about at 7.4v power supply.Using the Arduino servo library, you could drive this servo motor easily.To reduce the consumption of your microcontroller, this servo has a lock function for the pulse detection. So driving it to a target position just requires one PPM controlling ..
  • Hitec HS-485HB Deluxe Analog Servo Motor (Karbonite Gear)
    Hitec HS-485HB Deluxe Analog Servo Motor (Karbonite Gear)   Product Description The HS-485HB updates the very popular HS-475HB by adding more torque and greater speed. With its top ball bearing, heavy duty, high impact Karbonite™ gears and high performance circuitry, the HS-485HB offers lots of torque and features excellent centering and resolution. Applications: Heli's and Aircraft up to 72” or up to 12lbs when using just one servo per control surface. Note: Be aware that high vibration gas (not glow) engines combined with large contol surfaces and large thows (3D models) can put undue strain on the gears. Metal geared servos are recommended for these applications even if under 12lbs. Warning: Do not use thread l..
  • Hitec HS-785HB Quarter Scale Winch Sail Servo Motor (Karbonite Gear)
    Hitec HS-785HB Quarter Scale Winch Sail Servo Motor (Karbonite Gear)     Quality product from Hitec. The HS-785HB  sail winch servo with it's large drum wheel has 3 1/2 revolutions of travel for hauling in even the largest of sails. With its dual ball bearing supported output shaft the HS-785HB will provide years of reliable service. Features -KARBONITE Gears -Ball Bearing -Water & Dust Tight Specification Torque 4.8/6.0V ( : 11.0 / 13.2 or (152.75/ Speed 4.8/6.0V (sec/60) : 1.68 / 1.38 Size : 59x29x50mm / (2.32x1.14x1.96in) Weight : 110g / 3.88oz Applications -For Sail Boat   ..
  • HiTEC Standard Servo Motor
    HiTEC Standard Servo Motor The HS-311 sport servo provides the novice modeler all the performance and reliability you would expect to find in a more expensive servo. Combined with precise resin gears and SMT circuitry, the HS-311 represents a remarkable value in today's R/C market. A = .780” (19.82mm) B = .530” (13.47mm) C = 1.33” (33.79mm) D = .400” (10.17mm) E = .380” (9.66mm) F = 1.19” (30.22mm) G = .460” (11.68mm) H = 1.05” (26.67mm) J = 2.08” (52.84mm) K = .368” (9.35mm) L = .172” (4.38mm) ..
  • HSB-9380TH Ultra Torque Brushless Servo New!
    HSB-9380TH Ultra Torque Brushless Servo • Ultra torque brushless servo with titanium gear • Ideal for large planes and 1/8th and 1/5th scale road vehicles • Speed(sec/60°): 0.17 (6.0 volts), 0.14 (7.4 volts) • Torque(oz-in/kg-cm): 472/34.0 (6.0 & 7.4 volts) The HSB-9380TH Ultra Torque Brushless Servo is the first-ever, ultra-efficient, premium brushless servo. With ultra-efficient Neu Castle brushless motors, titanium gear trains, low current consumption and constant output power, the HSB-93XX series of servos is the perfect match for the most discriminating pilots and racers. The HSB-9380’s torque is the power solution for all giant scale pilots as well as 1/8th scale racers. The HSB-9380TH servo features the new 25-tooth ..
  • HSR-1425CR Continuous Rotation Servo
    HSR-1425CR Continuous Rotation Servo • Speed (sec/60deg): 0.14 • Max Torque (Kg-cm/oz-in): 3.1 / 42 • Size: 1.59" x 0.77"x 1.44" (40.6 x 19.8 x 36.6mm) • Weight (g/oz): 41.7/0.33  The Hitec Robotics Continuous Rotation Servo is a standard servo modified for continuous rotation. As such, the servo does not have any feedback system. The servo is an excellent choice as a replacement to DC gear motors to drive your small wheeled robot. Nylon gears and dual ball bearings on the output shaft make the servo fairly robust, intended to be used for long periods of time. • Control System: PWM with 1500us neutral. • Required Pulse: 4.8-6.0 Volt Peak to Peak Square Wave • Operating Voltage Range: 4.8-6.0 Volts • No LoadRPM (4.8V/6V): 44..
  • Metal Gear Servo Motor - Contentious Rotation
    Metal Gear Servo Motor - Contentious Rotation The 360 Degree Rotation Metal Gear Servo Motor is a double bearing, coreless, metal gear, standard torque 360 degree rotation servo motor. It is suitable for mobile robot driven motor. Also, it can be use for wheeled and perfect for medium-sized electric airplanes, helicopter or mini mobile robot kit, etc. This servo motor comes with a number of various servo horns and arms with mounting hardware. Specifications Working Voltage: 3-7.2V Working current: 100m A Working torque: 13kg/cm Average speed: 53-62 rpm Rotation range: 0- 360 degree Working Temperature: -30?~+60? Size: 41.7x19.7x42.9mm Weight: 55g Cable Length: 300mm   ..
  • Six KRS-4034HV ICS sets
      Six KRS-4034HV ICS sets Torque type. Series the strongest torque. Stable and reliable operation.  [Accessories]  Connection cable G (black / 400 mm) x 6  Horn retaining screws x 6  [Specification]  Maximum torque  Speed :0.17sec/60 °  Maximum continuous consumption electric power :3.1A  (* All 11.1 V time)  Maximum operating angle: 270 ° ( ± 135 )  Power supply voltage: 9 ~ 12V  Dimensions (excluding projection): 43 × 32 × 32.5 (mm)  Weight :61.2g  Gear material: special alloy  Communication standard:  Serial/PWM dual ICS3.5    Description of item Torque type of cube type 4000 series. Easy built-in robot-rich options,..
  • Six KRS-6003HV ICS sets
    Six KRS-6003HV ICS sets <Spec> (11.1V at the time, still state)   ● maximum torque: 67.0Kg · Cm   ● maximum speed: 0.22s / 60 °  ● Dimensions: 51 × 32 × 39.5mm (excluding protrusions)   ● Weight: 103g (including servo horn)   ● maximum operating angle: 270 °   ● Maximum current consumption: 6.1A   ● gear types: special Arumigiya             + stainless gear   ● Case Material: aluminum (top, middle)           glass-filled resin (bottom)   ● gear ratio: 362.88: 1   ● supply voltage: HV specification (9V ~ 12V)  ● Communication standard: ICS3.5 (serial / PWM selection formula)   ● Communication speed: 115200/625000 / 1250000Bps   ● initial setting: ID0 / BR115200  ..