Torx Key Sets - Allen key Sets

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  • Hexagonal Bar Driver for Professionals (DS-6)
    Hexagonal Bar Driver for Professionals (DS-6) Configured Specifications Tip standards Hexagon Single Product/Set Classification Set Product Shaft type Round Magnet NA Shaft through NA Bolster NA Grip Type Resin (Box/Hex/Ball-Point) Width Across Flats (mm) 0.71~2 Set Content(mm) 0.71、0.89、1.27、1.5、1.59、2 Set Contents (Items) 6 Trusco Code 360-2907 Features Because the shaft is long, it is great for use in deep areas. Handle employs a high-quality acetate resin which feels good to the touch ..
  • Long Arm Ball Point Hex Ket Set - 7pc (Metric 1.5 ~ 6mm)
    A hex key or Allen key is a tool of hexagonal cross-section used to drive bolts and screws that have a hexagonal socket in the head (internal-wrenching hexagon drive). Some features of hex keys are: The tool is simple, small and light The Ball End contact works in hard to reach areas eith an 25 degree Angle entry There are six contact surfaces between bolt and driver The tool can be used with a headless screw The screw can be inserted into its hole using the key Torque is constrained by the length and thickness of the key Very small bolt heads can be accommodated The tool can be manufactured very cheaply, so one is often included with products requiring end-user assembly Either end of the tool can be used to take advantage of r..
  • Micro Torx Wrench Set - 8pcs (T1 ~ T8)
    Torx driver or same may call it Star driver. This Micro size is specically design to get get you hand On on your Smart phone product. Which is using T1 ~ T3 Cap Screw.     ..
  • Precision 45 in 1 Professional Electron Torx Hardware Screwdriver Repair Tools Set
    Precision 45 in 1 Professional Electronics Torx Hardware Screwdriver Set Features: - 45 in 1 interchangeable precise manual tool set. - Set head are equipped with corresponding model steel seal, easy to identify and be put into the corresponding card slot. - Professional portable hardware tools, light weight, compact design, convenient to carry. - High hardness and good toughness, durable to use. - PP / TPR anti-static material, non-slip handle, can play a maximum torque. - The cutting tools using high chrome vanadium steel material, after the high temperature heat treatment, hardness: HRC 50 - 52 degrees. - Can remove the small part of your cellphone / computer / Mp4 and so on, repairing the device without damaging it.   Items Included: - 1 x 115mm..
  • Professional Miniature Precision Screwdriver Set (10 Pieces)
    Professional Miniature Precision Screwdriver Set (10 Pieces) Product Features - Rear rotatable - Anti oil & anti corrosion - Durable Slip Handle - Ergonmic design & comfortable to use - Made in high quality Cr-Mo steel - Magnetic technology for the head part - Exquiste packaging     Item Includes ✿ 0.8 x 50 mm (-) 1.4 x 50 mm   ✿ 1.2 x 50 mm (-) 2.0 x 50 mm (+) #0 x 50 mm (-) 2.4 x 50 mm (+) #00 x 50 mm ▲ 2.3 x 50 mm (+) #000..
  • T2 Star Screw Driver
    Mostly use on Iphone repair. ..