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  • 3M Flexible Foam Ultra FineSanding Sponge - 10 Per Pack
    3M Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge Description 3M Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge, 4-1/2 in x 5-1/2 in x 3/16 in SFN Flexible Foam Sanding Sponge is ideal for sanding wood, paint, metal, plastic and drywall. The flexible foam sponge can be used for either dry or wet sanding and can be rinsed and reused. Extremely flexible, softback. ..
  • Acrylic bender
    Acrylic bender Acrylic bender is the ideal bending tool for acrylic. It is suitable for 1.5mm-4mm thickness acrylic. Specification: Voltage:100-240V。 Power:60W Heating temperature:200C±10% Heating board size:100x2.5x2 mm Heating time :6 seconds(2.5mm thickness) ..
  • Euro Power Punch Plier
    Ideal for punching through thick metal with ease Compound action and hardened cutting dies Sizes of punches: 3/32 inch, 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch, 3/16 inch, 7/32 inch, 1/4 inch, 9/32 inch Rated for up to 16 gauge Lightweight carrying case with handle ..
  • Foam Cutter-16cm with electronic transformer
    Foam Cutter-16cm with electronic transformer   This foam cutter is very suitable for fast modeling. You can use it to make something like ironman. Of course, first you need a big enough foam. Features: Very light, only 40g. You can make any shape you want Can be heated to 210C for 10 seconds. With wire switch, more secure, more convenient. ► DO NOT EXCEED 30 MINUTES PER USAGE, REST FOR 20 MINUTES AFTER EVERY 30 MINUTES WORKING TIME.      TURN OFF AFTER EVERY USE OR THE DRIVER WILL GET OVER HEATED.  ..
  • Metal Craft Rolling Mill
    Designed to meet most of the needs of jewelers and metalsmiths, the versatile Compact Economy Rolling Mill is surprisingly affordable. ..
  • Mini File Set
    Mini File Set Description • Wide array of file patterns and shapes to cover most fine applications • Comfortable handle with collet allows full interchangeability • 5-1/2" long • Supplied with a vinyl pouch • Set includes 5NFB Flat File, 5NHRB Half Round File,5NRB Round File, 5NSB Triangle File, 5NSTC Square File, HF611A Handle.     ..
  • Revolving Leather Punch
    Revolving Leather Punch Punch holes with ease with this high quality German-made leather hole punch. Revolving head has six different hole sizes. This hold punch will not bend or warp like cheaper alternatives. Hole Size : 2.5, 2.9 ,3.3, 3.7, 4.1 and 4.5mm. ..
  • TB-905 Tool Box
    TB-905 Tool Box Come with 2 trays, 2 removable boxes & 2 latches ..
  • Tweezer - Sets of 4 TS-12,TS-13, TS-RV01 And TS-FW01
    Tweezer - Sets of 4 TS-12,TS-13, TS-RV01 And TS-FW01   ..