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  • 27" IPS Touch LED Panel Display
    Superb picture quality with intuitive touch capability, a wide range of connectivity ports and guarantees to back them up. Engaging touch experience: Use both hands and the responsive 10-point touch capability to quickly and smoothly navigate across the edge-to-edge glass of your P2714T. The ergonomic stand offers optimal application and game control, as well as viewing comfort. Outstanding connectivity: VGA, USB, DP and HDMI ports plus MHL connectivity allows direct display of smartphone/tablet content on the touch monitor while charging the mobile device at the same time. Peace of mind: Your P2714T is backed by Dell's zero bright dot pixel policy with Premium Panel Guarantee1 and a 3-year Advanced Exchange Service2 for fast..
  • 3inch indoor multi-function remote control led countdown clock
    Product Description 1.remote control countdown clock 2.3inch indoor led countdown clock 3.With CE,RoHS multi-functindoor countdown clock 5,display time countdown,count up, stopwatch 6,Display color: red 7,character height: 3inch 6digits 8,Screen size(L*H*D): 550*160*45mm    Product Details Parameter: 1,led clock size: 3 inch 2,character of led clock : 6digits 3inch 3,led clock Frame: Aluminium alloy 4,Faceplate: display window cover red PVC glass 5,operation: remote control 6. Operation circumstance: -30 ~65 ; 0~95% relative humidity       Te..
  • DC 0-100V/5A Digital Ammeter Voltmeter 2in1 Digital Voltage Amp Monitor Meter Red/Blue LED Dual Color Display
    DC 0-100V/5A Digital Ammeter Voltmeter 2in1 Digital Voltage Amp Monitor Meter Red/Blue LED Dual Color Display Features:   Operating voltage:DC 4.5 ~ 30V Measure voltage: DC 0 ~ 100V Minimum resolution(V): 0.1V Measure current :5A (measure directly,built-in shunt) Minimum resolution(A): 0.01A Operating current: <20mA Display: three 0.28" LED digital tube Display color: Red and Blue (two-color display) Dimensions: 48 x 29 x 21mm Mounting cutout: 45.5 x 26.5mm Refresh rate: about 500mS / times Measure accuracy: 1% (± 1 digit) Operating temperature: -10 to 65° c Operating Humidity: 10 to 80% (non-condensing) Working pressure: 80 to 106 kPa Applications:S..
  • DIY MAX7219 Red LED Dot Matrix Display Module for Arduino
    DIY MAX7219 Red LED Dot Matrix Display Module for Arduino  Description - Material: FR4 + electronic components - Single module can drive one 8 x 8 common cathode dot matrix. - Color BIN: Red - Working voltage: 5V - Size: 5 x 3.2 x 1.5cm With 4 fixed screw holes for easy installation - Package includes - 1 x PCB board - 2 x 5P pin sets - 1 x 24P IC socket - 1 x MAX7219 chip - 1 x 10uf electrolytic capacitor - 1 x 10kohm resistor - 2 x 8P round hole base - 1 x 3mm 8 x 8 common cathode dot matrix ..
  • Multi-Color LED Programmable Scrolling Message Display Sign 26"x4"
    Pixel pitch  7.62(mm)  Module size 53X53(mm)  Pixels 7x80 Size(mm) 660x97x34mm Frame material Aluminum Case Installation Method Hanging Display color Red/Green/Yellow Best viewing distance 2-5meters Life Span 100,000 Hours Temperature Range Storage-40° to+60°, working-40°to+60° Operating Humidity 10%-90RH Accessories Adapter line,RS232 interface cable,  remote control,2xA..
  • Rainbow Cube Kit (Assembled)
    Rainbow Cube is a 3D RGB LED Cube useful for creating colorful design. The 3D Cube is artistically crafted with sixty-four 8mm RGB LEDs arranged in a 4 x 4 x 4 manner. Rainbow Cube can be used to create many beautiful visual effects with A Rainbowduino. The Rainbow Cube comes with an inbuilt 3.3V / 1 Amp LDO useful for powering the independently. An XBee compatible socket is provided as well, this can be used to connect Rainbowduino with a PC or an Arduino wirelessly.   This kit requires no soldering and comes pre-assembled with a Rainbowduino (Arduino-compatible) LED driver controller. Just plug it in to your PC or Mac, grab a copy of the free design software, and you’ll discover just how easy it is to program this spectacular device and see the results in real ti..