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  • Solar Car Toyota RaRa X
    Solar Car Toyota RaRa X Debuting in the 1992 Solar Car Rally In Noto, Japan, the Toyota RaRa X introduced it's four-wheel design in the typically three-wheeled competition. The brilliant red, orange, yellow and pink colors are well represented in this miniature kit. This miniature is powered by a small solar motor and solar battery.     Overall length 115mm Full width 40mm Solar Power 0.5V-300mAh ..
  • Tamiya 70093 3-Speed Crank-Axle Gearbox Kit
    Tamiya’s 3-speed crank-axle gearbox looks very much like half of the twin-motor gearbox (with an added gear ratio option). This compact gearbox can be built in one of three gear ratios (17:1, 58:1, and 204:1), and is Tamiya’s cheapest, general-purpose gearbox.   Overview The Tamiya 3-speed crank-axle gearbox is essentially half of the twin-motor gearbox. The kit comes with enough parts so you can built the gearbox in any of three gear ratios (17:1, 58:1, and 204:1). Color options 70093 3-speed crank-axle gearbox  —  This gearbox is solid gray and comes packaged in a box. 89914 3-speed crank-axle gearbox  —  This gearbox is clear and comes packaged in plastic bag. Complementary produ..
  • Tamiya 70098 Universal Plate Set
    The Tamiya 70098 Universal Plate Set provides a reconfigurable platform for building your own robot chassis. The set comes with a plate with gridded mounting holes, angle brackets, and mounting hardware that lets you mount mechanical components in a variety of positions. Overview The Tamiya 70098 Universal Plate Set is a customizable chassis designed to be compatible with multiple Tamiya products. This set includes a plastic plate with an 11 x 31 grid of 3 mm holes spaced 5 mm apart, which provides space for many mechanical connections. The two included eight-hole angle brackets can connect the plate to additional Universal Plates or can serve as a mounting point for an axle. The plate set also includes two shaft mounts (the triang..
  • Tamiya 70103 Universal Gearbox Kit
    Tamiya 70103 universal gearbox has a thin, compact, metal frame, making it the smallest Tamiya gearbox. The final two gears are metal, making for a tough output. A worm gear allows for the high gear ratio options of 101:1, 269:1, and 719:1. The main output shaft can be oriented in four different directions, and a small, auxiliary output shaft turns perpendicularly to the main output shaft. The output shafts are 3 mm hexagonal axles that are 10 cm (about four inches) from tip to tip. The axles work with any of the Tamiya wheels we carry, giving you many options for your robot speed. The low-voltage motors run on 3-6 volts and draw up to a few amps, making them perfect candidates for the Pololu low-voltage dual serial motor controller and the DRV8833 motor driver carrier. Motor o..
  • Tamiya 70143 Universal Arm Set
    The Tamiya 70143 Universal Arm Set can be used to make crank systems, link systems, and structures for your robot. The 41-hole arms consist of 3 mm holes spaced 5 mm apart making the arm set compatible with many Tamiya products and sets. The Tamiya 70143 Universal Arm Set can be used to create crank systems, link systems, and structures for your robot or other project, as illustrated at the bottom of the instructions shown here. This set includes four 33-hole arms with 3 mm holes spaced 5 mm apart. The arms can be cut to the desired length (each arm has regularly-spaced grooves that help to make a straight cut), and the holes can be modified to create longer slots for use in a cranking system. Four L-shaped brackets are included in the set for mounting axles ..
  • Tamiya 70144 Ball Caster Kit (2 casters)
    Tamiya 70144 Ball Caster Kit (2 casters) Tamiya’s steel-ball caster is a good way to give a “third wheel” to a small robot powered by a differential drive. The kit comes with enough parts to make two casters, either 25 mm or 35 mm in height. The Tamiya 70144 ball caster from Tamiya’s educational construction series is a small steel ball that rests on metal rollers inside a plastic housing. The caster can be assembled in two different ways, so that it has a total height of either 25 mm or 35 mm. The kit contains two complete ball casters and various types of mounting screws as well as spacers for small height adjustments. ..
  • Tamiya Pulley Unit Set
    Tamiya 70121 Pulley Set  Tamiya 70121 Pulley Unit Set is similar in function to a gear box and contains parts compatible with other Tamiya products. The pulleys can be mounted using the base and pulley mounts included with the set and driven with the included motor. The pulleys can also be mounted directly to parts such as the Tamiya 70098 Universal Plate Set, or they can be mounted using shafts such as those included in the Tamiya 70105 3mm Diameter Shaft Set. The set includes seven pulleys of various sizes along with an assortment of single and double bushings that make the pulleys compatible with round and hexagonal shafts of both 3 mm and 2 mm diameters. Depending on the bushing, the pulleys can either idle on a shaft or rotate with it. The double bushing..
  • TAMIYA Wind Power Generator Set
    TAMIYA Wind Power Generator Set This new educational kit lets you explore the mechanisms involved in harnessing the alternative energy of wind power. The windmill features loop-wing design that can be rotated by the slightest breeze. You can also run while holding it to generate wind artificially. The kit comes with a rechargeable vehicle that uses power generated by the windmill, running for 1-2 minutes for each 5-10 minute of charge. About the Model   Special "loop wing" design secures high efficiency in power generation, by ensuring that even a minimum amount of wind will produce quick rotation of windmill. 2 types of gears allow choice of double gear for light wind, and triple gear for stong wind, improving power generated by motor depending on wi..