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  • Tamiya Pulley Unit Set
    Tamiya 70121 Pulley Set  Tamiya 70121 Pulley Unit Set is similar in function to a gear box and contains parts compatible with other Tamiya products. The pulleys can be mounted using the base and pulley mounts included with the set and driven with the included motor. The pulleys can also be mounted directly to parts such as the Tamiya 70098 Universal Plate Set, or they can be mounted using shafts such as those included in the Tamiya 70105 3mm Diameter Shaft Set. The set includes seven pulleys of various sizes along with an assortment of single and double bushings that make the pulleys compatible with round and hexagonal shafts of both 3 mm and 2 mm diameters. Depending on the bushing, the pulleys can either idle on a shaft or rotate with it. The double bushing..