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  • MP3 / On-Board Microphone Recorder Sound Module
    Arduino Compatible MP3 / On-Board Microphone Recorder Sound Module supports decoding audio formats MP3, MP3 + V, WMA, WAV, MIDI, SP-MIDI. With separate analog, digital, IO power supply, serial data and control interface (SPI). On-board 3.3V and 2.5V LDO chip AMS-1117, provides 800mA maximum current. The item requires +5 VDC Power supply. Specs: Material: PCB Color: Blue Length: 43mm Width: 43mm Power Supply: 5v VDC Maximum Current: 800mA ..
  • Speaker Cross Over with Woofer and Tweeter
    Audio set with Eminence PXB2:3K5 Cross Over from USA and a 4" Woofer from Tannoy plus a Tweeter from Tymphany Model : NE25VTA-04 make a perfect match for a system. ..