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  • AR Drone Flight Recorder
    Flight Recorder GPS Flight Enhancer Improvement in stabilization View your flights in 3D A new control mode: control by map "Return home" mode An accessory for developers Technical specifications: Dimensions: 77.7 x 38.3 x 12.5 mm Weight: 31 g Accuracy: +/- 2 meters Frequency: 5Hz Voltage: 5V TBC Flash memory: 4 GB   ..
  • ELF II - VRDrone Kit For Education
    ELF II-VRDrone is a mini selfie drone controlled by smartphone. It is ultra-portable, safe and easy to you.Multiple creative designs make ELF the most professional toy drone. With it, you can enjoy multi-rotor drone, virtual reality and VR fight experience. ELF releases your hands by using smartphone-based gesture control mode, with the G-sensor integrated. Carrying 720P HD Wi-Fi camera, ELF takes amazing selfies and allows social sharing in real time. VR mode lets you enjoy the 3D first-person view(FPV). ELF II is an easy, intelligent, selfie, mini, duarable drone which is our super recommend. Features: * A small portable palm-size selfie drone can be charged with a charger pal. * Smart-phone control with gesture interaction  * Support one button take-off function, altit..
    AR.Freeflight “Impressive, intuitive!” AR.FreeFlight is the primary application used to fly and pilot the AR.Drone. Pilot with or without the accelerometer and switch from the frontal camera to the vertical camera. Record pictures, nav data & videos and upload them instantly right from the application New user friendly interface Compatible with AR.Drone and AR.Drone 2.0 Download now! Director Mode* “Create high-quality and stable movie shots” The Director mode lets you program automatic ..
  • Parrot Battery HD for AR.Drone 2.0
    High density LiPo battery - 1500mAh Permits up to 50% of extra flight time Compatible with AR Drone and AR Drone 2.0   Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery 1500mAh - 11.1V 2h30 charging time This battery must only be used with a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 charger (supplied separately) ..
    Built with safety in mind Its feather-weight ABS reinforced structure (400g) makes Parrot Bebop Drone robust and safe. In the event of any collision, the propellers stop automatically. The emergency mode allows the drone to land immediately. Thanks to a GPS system, a Return Home function brings the Bebop drone easily back to its take-off point. Finally, EPP hulls included in the pack makes indoor flights safer. Advanced technology Parrot Bebop Drone delivers the best performance: 8x times more powerful than Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 onboard computer, Bebop Drone navigation computer features a Parrot P7 dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU and 8 GB of Flash Memory. All are fixed on a magnesium shelf that acts as a radiator and electromagnetic sh..
  • Parrot Central Cross for AR.Drone 2.0
    The central cross is the central structure of the AR.Drone 2.0 made from PA 66 high grade plastic with 4 crossed carbon fiber tubes and 4 PA 66 motor mount. This part has been specifically designed to be light and strong. The engine mount allows easy removal and reassembly of the motors, while the motor mount incorporates two self-lubricating bronze plain bearings. The central cross includes one wire beam to power to the engines, and another wire beam, composed of a 5V supply, to control every motor and are terminated by a connector for each motor controller. The central cross has an arrow mark showing how it must be inserted into the body set for easy direction. Compatible with AR.Drone and AR.Drone 2.0. ..
  • Parrot Charger for AR.Drone 2.0
    This kit includes: 1 LiPo charger (13.5V/0.9A Output) 4 power plug adapters (United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan). ..
  • Parrot Customization Pack- Outdoor hull for AR.Drone 2.0
    This pack contains an outdoor hull, a transparent shell and a set of double adhesive tapes. This pack allows you to customize your AR.Drone 2.0 by painting the interior of the shell and then sticking it to the blank hull with the adhesive tapes. Be creative and impress your friends with the unique style of your AR.Drone 2.0! ..
  • Parrot Indoor Hull for AR.Drone 2.0
    Enjoy flying indoors with this shaped hull made of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), which combines both lightness and solidity. The indoor hull is attached to the body of the AR.Drone 2.0 using two magnets, one on the hull and one on the body of the AR.Drone 2.0. The indoor hull will protect you from piloting mistakes and crashes. With the indoor hull, you may touch walls or fly across doors safely. If the AR.Drone 2.0 happens to bang against a wall, the elasticity of the EPP will make it bounce back. ..
  • Parrot Propellers for AR.Drone 2.0
    These propellers have been specially designed for the AR.Drone 2.0 by a team who won the 'French Army Micro Drone' contest. They are made to optimize power consumption and thrust. Propellers are marked either "C" (for 'clockwise') or "A" (for 'anticlockwise'). The propellers should be mounted as follows, motor 1: "C", motor2: "A", motor 3: "C", motor4: "A". This kit includes 4 propellers (2 "C" and 2 "A"), and 8 circlips. For easy mounting, a special circlip tool is available in the "mounting tools kit" to easily insert and remove the circlips which hold the propellers and the gear on the shaft. Compatible with AR.Drone. ..