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  • 14-Channel 2.4GHz Radio System with R7008SB Receiver (Mode 1)
    14-Channel 2.4GHz Radio System with R7008SB Receiver (Mode 1) FASSTest tech. Flybarless gyro support. S.Bus programmability. Telemetry. The 14SG has it all. . . and more! Futaba proudly introduces the 14SG, the only 14-channel system with revolutionary 2.4GHz FASSTest technology. It's also compatible with Futaba FASST and S-FHSS protocols, so you can fly with virtually any 2.4GHz air receiver Futaba produces. The 14SG can transmit and receive telemetry data. Install Futaba telemetry sensors (sold separately) to monitor flight data, receive alerts while in flight and more. Heli pilots will prefer the 14SG's 3-axis gyro support — which makes the 14SG the perfect system for flybarless flight! The innovations don't stop there. Turn the 14SG over, and you'll see the const..
  • Futaba 10J FHSS 2.4GHZ RADIO W/R3008SB
    Futaba 10J FHSS 2.4GHZ RADIO W/R3008SB This is the Futaba 10JH 2.4 GHz S/FHSS Helicopter Radio System with an included R3008SB Receiver. The 10JH helicopter system features a non-ratcheted throttle stick and will automatically default to helicopter settings with mode 2 stick functions when powered up. The Futaba 10J is packed with features. 10 channels, telemetry, full programmability and simple updates. The telemetry data is easily viewed on the backlit LCD screen and can be heard audibly through headphones. Three buttons and a jog dial make it exceptionally easy to program, and functions can be assigned to a multitude sticks, switches, knobs and levers. Plus, it's light weight, easy to handle and equipped with an astonishing 30 model memory. All those features and more are inc..
  • Futaba FR2F1800 LiFe Receiver Battery
    Futaba FR2F1800 LiFe Receiver Battery The Futaba FR2F1800 is a 6.6V Li-Fe high-capacity and lightweight battery for powering your receiver and high voltage servos. Suitable for use with Futaba 2.4GHz receivers like R6208SB and High Voltage Brushless Servo like BLS156HV, BLS157HV and BLS255HV. Specifications: Capacity: 1800mAh Output voltage: 6.6V (2-cell)   ..
  • Futaba R617FS 2.4GHz 7-Channel Receiver
    Programming simplicity meets 2.4GHz safety and sophistication. The 7C sits squarely in the middle ground in computer systems. It's a system that offers much of the 9C's set-up versatility matched to 4-channel ease of use. Like all other computer systems on this page, it offers Dial 'n Key™ simplicity for programming, and the 2.4GHz FASST system for an unparalleled RF link. Includes a 7-gram* R617FS receiver that measures only 1.6 x 1.1 x 0.35 in (40 x 27 x 9 mm). * weight w/o case. Please note: Futaba 7C FASST system is also compatible with the R606FS and R607FS receivers.   ..
  • Futaba Servo Shaft Attachment (.500")
    Futaba Servo Shaft Attachment (.500") These servo shafts are extremely useful for a variety of applications. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the units are very strong and durable. They can be easily cut to various lengths for specialized applications. We offer them in both Hitec(525128) and Futaba(525129) for standard size splines. Patented 1F Spline (15 tooth) Futaba servos such as the S3111, S3114 & S3154. 2F Spline (21 tooth) Micro servos such as the S3153, S3107, S117 and similar have the 2F size spline. 3F Standard Spline (25 tooth) Most standard size Futaba servos have the 3F spline. 4F Spline (25 tooth) This spline is found on most Giant scale servos like the S3306 and the S9154. Fits standar..
  • R2006GS 2.4GHz S-FHSS 6-channel Receiver
          The Futaba R2006GS Receiver is designed to work with the new Futaba 6JG 6-channel 2.4GHz Radio System. It auto-adapts to the transmission mode selected, whether it’s FHSS or high-speed S-FHSS mode. And since it operates on a wide range of voltage, you don’t need a regulator even if you use a 2S, 7.4V LiPo pack as a power source Specifications: Type: Full-range flight receiver Modes: FHSS or S-FHSS Features: Easy-Link™ binding, high-voltage operation, frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum design & Dual Antenna Diversity Voltage Input: 4.8V-7.4V Compatible Batteries: NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, LiIon & LiFe Dimensions: 1-11/16 x 15/16 x 516 in (43 x 24 x 7.9 mm) Weight: 0.29 oz (8.3 g) Weight: 8.3g ..