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  • Alloy Steel Safty Hook 10 X 40 mm
    Alloy Steel Safty Hook 10 X 40 mm Size : 8mm 10 X 400 Material: Alloy Steel Finish, Only Silver ..
  • Smartphone To Cinema Projector
    Smartphone To Cinema Projector This smartphone projector uses an 8x-magnifying lens to make it into a mini film projector A lot of the video recorded around the world now comes from the cameras inside smartphones, and in some ways it’s a shame you have to watch it on such a small screen. One company has decided to try and make projecting your video easy with the Smart Phone Projector. It magnifies the content from your smartphone 8x so you can increase the video size to a wall. The projector also has a grip pad where you can put your smartphone so it’s held securely in place. The design means it doesn't amplify the sound itself so you'll need a separate sound system as well, you could still hook your phone up to some Bluetooth speakers. ..
  • Video transmitter - Wireless 1080p Computer to HD Display Kit
    Description Connect Your Computer to Your TV Wirelessly IOGEAR is proud to announce the Wireless 1080p Computer to HD Display Kit. This brand new solution delivers High Definition video up to 1080p from your PC computer to your home entertainment center wirelessly up to 30 feet. With the utilization of the very latest Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Wireless USB technology, wireless multimedia streaming is now more stable and more resistant to interferences than ever before. Enjoy your computer content on a big screen without cables stretching across the room. Complete wireless PC to HDTV solution Surf the Internet and experience your favorite online shows from the comfort of your couch View your photos and slideshows on the big screen with your friends and family ..