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  • Arduino Starter Kit(Absolute Beginner)
    The Arduino Starter Kit provided by ElecFreaks is a great material to get users into learning step-by-step conveniently. For this kit, there is no need for soldering, plug then use, the construction of the working circuit can be done within one minute. It has 9 courses in total, content includes LED, infrared sensor, servo, and IR remote control. 16 modules total price about 75usd, this kit save to 59.98usd.   The kit uses the Freaduino UNO, which is the improved version of the official UNO and 100% compatible with Arduino. It provides easy-to-use brick sensor interface, 3.3v or 5v IO switch, power supply with DCDC circuit which support MAX 2A etc. ..
  • GPRS/GSM Module-EFCom Pro EFComPro
    4 Frequency GPRS/GSM Module-EFCom Pro is an ultra compact and reliable wireless module. It is a breakout board and minimum system of SIM900 Quad-band GSM/GPRS module. It can communicate with controllers via AT commands (GSM 07.07 ,07.05 and SIMCOM enhanced AT Commands). This module support software power on and reset.  EFCom Pro is base on SIM900 4 Frequency GPRS module.  The GPRS is configured and controlled via its UART using simple AT commands. Just connect on the Arduino/AVR/ARM/FPGA/CPLD board, you could easily use AT command to control it. EFCom Por can be connected to PC via FT233RL, recommend our FT232 Bee adapter  EFCom Pro IO List:GND , +5V , RX , TX , PWR , RST . Feature Power Supply: +5V ..