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  • Dust Sensor - Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F
    GP2Y1010AU0F is a dust sensor by optical sensing system. An infrared emitting diode (IRED) and an phototran-sistor are diagonally arranged into this device. It detects the reflected light of dust in air. Especially, it is effective to detect very fine particle like the cigarette smoke. In addition, it can distinguish smoke from house dust by pulse pattern of output voltage. Parameter: Compact, thin package (46.0 × 30.0 × 17.6 mm) Low consumption current (Icc: MAX. 20 mA) The presence of dust can be detected by the photom..
  • Dust Sensor DSM501A
    DSM501 series detect the level of indoor airborne dust, particles, and pollen, and ideal for use in stand-alone air cleaner or IAQ monitor. PWM output of the sensor can be directly connected to μ-com to control fan speed or ventilation and also to display the level of particles. Detectable size of particle is limited to minimum 0.7 μm, and the application for smoke or fire alarm is prohibited. Include: 1 x DSM501 1 x 5P Cabal     ..