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  • Rainbow Cube Kit (Assembled)
    Rainbow Cube From Wiki Jump to: navigation, search In this box, you’ll find everything you need to build a ready to shine Rainbow Cube! Have some fun and start creating a masterpiece today with this 4x4x4 RGB LED cube kit from Seeed Studio: The “Rainbow Cube – Ready to Shine” requires no soldering and comes pre-assembled with a Rainbowduino (Arduino-compatible) LED driver controller. Just plug it in to your PC or Mac, grab a copy of the free design software, and you’ll discover just how easy it is to program this spectacular device and see the results in real time. The Pack consist of: 1 x Rainbow Cube Kit ( Assembled ) 1 x Rainbowduino v3.0 1 x Power adaptor 1 x USB cable Seeed Studio has made a video to show how to use Rainbow Cube and program to it. Watch the video, you'll know how..
  • Rainbow Cube kit - RGB 4x4x4
    This is a  kit of 4x4x4 RGB LEDs cube, containing 64 8mm RGB LEDs, custom PCBs and all supporting components  (6 free alternate LEDs are included in the kit). All parts are well packed in a nice package. Kit Include: 8mm RGB LED x70 Cube Panel X1 Slim Panel PCB X4 Side A slim PCB X4 Side B slim PCB X4 2.54mm 40pin male header X5 2.54mm 40pin female header X2 2.54mm 16pin female header X3 2.0mm 10pin female header X2 8pin female header X5 2X3 female header X1 JST power cable X1 3.5mm 4pin green terminal X1 3.5mm DC jack X1 3mm LED red X1 3mm LED green X1 1K 1/8w resistor X4 10k 1/8w resistor X1 15k 1/8w resistor X1 linear voltage regulator X1 10uF_16v_E-CAP X2 ..
  • Rainbow Cube Kit Acrylic Harness
    Rainbow Cube Kit Acrylic Harness is an exquisite, Transparent and easy-to-assembled acrylic case which custom made for Rainbow Cube Kit, it is designed by Riley Porter @Synthetos. This Harness is made of six piece of acrylic board, two bags of keys, four 16mm high plastic column and several screw nuts. Pay Attention: when disassemble the box, please pay attention and follow the disassembling note: The keys are not strong enough to withstand hard stretching. To disassemble the box, you should use your left hand to push the two legs and at the same time use your right hand to pull the key out. This is illustrated in the image below: ..
  • Rainbowduino LED driver platform - Atmega 328
    The Rainbowduino board (V3.0) is an Arduino compatible controller board with professional multiplexed LED driver. It can drive a 8x8 RGB Led Matrix or a 4x4x4 RGB LED Cube in common Anode mode. Rainbowduino v3.0 uses two MY9221 chips which is a 12-channels (R/G/B x 4) constant current Adaptive Pulse Density Modulation(APDM). Rainbowduino v3.0 has provisions for cascading more such boards with I2C interface. Rainbowduino v3.0 is flashed with Arduino boot-loader and this makes it easy to program sketches using Arduino IDE. Unlike other LED drivers, this comes with a USB to UART (FT232RL) inbuilt for programming the sketches..