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  • DC-DC Boost 100W/6A 3.5V-30V DC 5V/12 Volt LTC1871 High Power Converter Regulator+Red LED Voltmeter
    Input voltage: DC 3.5V-30V Output voltage: DC 3.5V-30V (boost,input voltage < or = output voltage) Continuous current: 6A (long-term work);Maximum input current: 10A (peak) Output power: Max 100W, (U-in * I-in * Efficiency = U-out * I-out) Static power consumption: typically around 15ma; With Anti-reverse protection   ..
  • DC-DC boost converter
    Introduction This is a breakboard boost converter. Supply volatage as low as 3.7v, it boosts to as high as 34v. With this module, you can now power your Arduino with our 3.7V lipo battery. Note: 1. This board does not have reverse polarity protection, so please be sure to recognize the polarity of your connections! 2. The input voltage must be less than output voltage, otherwise, it may damage the board. Specification • Input voltage:3.7-34V • Output voltage:3.7-34V • Max input current:3A • Max Power:15W • Efficiency: 90% • Size:32x34x20 mm ..
  • Pololu Adjustable 9-30V Step-Up Voltage Regulator U3V50AHV
    This powerful boost regulator efficiently boosts input voltages as low as 2.9 V to a higher, adjustable output voltage between 9 V and 30 V while allowing an input current as high as 5 A. Overview These adjustable boost (step-up) voltage regulators generate higher output voltages from input voltages as low as 2.9 V. They are switching regulators (also called switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) or DC-to-DC converters) and have a typical efficiency between 80% to 95%. The available output current is a function of the input voltage, output voltage, and efficiency (see the Typical Efficiency and Output Current section below), but the input current can typically be as high as 5 A. The U3V50x regulator family includes two adjustable-output versions: the U..