Bio-Energy Discovery Kit

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  • Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Bio-Energy Discovery Kit
    Product Description Horizon’s line of educational products demonstrate the science behind renewable energy technologies in a fun and tangible way for all. As technology continues to progress towards carbon-free energy systems, innovation is placed into the hands of our future scientists. This kit demonstrates the latest in fuel cell technology using ethanol as its fuel source. Currently fuel cells use hydrogen or methanol as fuel. This fuel cell kit directly converts ethanol (alcohol) to electricity silently and without any combustion. The device can run non-stop for hours, providing an amazing demonstration of next-generation bio-fuel cell technology. Included in the box is a renewable energy education manual as well as an experiment guide. Discover the possibilities today! ..
  • Fuel Cell 10 - Sets of 2
    Fuel Cell 10 The Fuel Cell 10 Car & Experiment Kit provides a hands-on introduction to one of the most significant technologies of the early 21st century. With this kit, you can build a model car that actually runs on water! First, use solar energy to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. Then, plug in the motor and the fuel cell uses these gases to produce electricity that moves your vehicle across the floor. The only by-product is clean water. Roll up your sleeves and find out about fuel cells, solar cells, and electrolysis through more than a dozen experiments and demonstrations you can do on your own, in a classroom, or with friends. Some fuel cells, such as this one, do not consume fossil fuels and therefore are considered environmentally friendly. Recentl..
  • Horizon PEM Fuel Cell (5 pack)
    Description • Sets of 5 PEM Fuel Cells • Converts H2 and oxygen from the ambient air into electricity and water • Made for science labs, classroom or demonstration purposes • Output voltage: 0.6V (DC) This is the Horizon PEM Fuel Cell (5 pack). It converts H2 and oxygen from the ambient air into electricity and water. When applying a load and connecting a supply of hydrogen to this device, electricity is generated. This fuel cell's oxygen reactant is supplied directly from the ambient air. It is perfect for science labs, classroom use or demonstration purposes. • Dimensions: 32mm x 32mm x10mm • Total weight: 27.3 grams • Output voltage: 0.6V (DC) • Output current: 0.45A • Output power: 270mW ..