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  • AlphaBot, Raspberry Pi robot building kit with Pi3
    AlphaBot, Raspberry Pi robot building kit Description This kit comes with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, AlphaBot robotic platform (line tracking, obstacle avoidance, speed measuring, IR control), and a camera (with servo and 2 DOF pan head). With modules in the kit, you can fast get started with robotic development like line tracking, obstacle avoidance, IR remote control, and video monitoring via network, etc. What's more, thanks to the rich Raspberry Pi open source resources, and the modular design of AlphaBot, you'll learn how to extend and refit, and finally build your own Raspberry Pi robot. Raspberry Pi 3 Features BCM2837, 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 1GB RAM 10/100 Ethernet port ..
  • Dobot Robotic Arm - Standard Version
    Dobot Robotic Arm - Standard Version   Description  High Repeatability up to 0.2mm Support 7 controlling methods Arduino-based & Open Source Dobot works quietly The Dobot Robotic Arm - Standard Version manages to maintain the industrial precision level. When performing repetitive actions, the error in precision is as small as 0.2mm, empowering you to do delicate work without losing the precision. Dobot Arm can draw, write, text, move, grab things following your orders, and even laser cutting, work with 3D printing pen. This arm features high strength weldable aluminum alloy, high accuracy CNC milling and processing, all key rotating parts deployed the pairing of bearing and..
  • Magician Chassis v2
    Magician Chassis v2 Voltage:4.5V Gearbox:4.8~7.2V No Load Current:190mA(max.250mA) Stall Current: ~1A No Load Speed: 90±10rpm Torque: Color: Red / Blue (Optional) wheel size:67mm X 26mm Acrylic board:175*109*3mm Plastic Rims with Solid Rubber Tires Each unit comes in a plastic bag with manual. ..
  • Miniature Linear Guides - Wide Rails - Standard Blocks, Light Preload / Slight Clearance
    Miniature Linear Guides - Wide Rails - Standard Blocks, Light Preload / Slight Clearance Configured Specifications Set / Single Item Set Block Type Standard Block Rail Type Standard Rail Rail Width W1(mm) 12 Assembly Height H(mm) 13 Number of Blocks 2 Material Stainless Steel Rail Length L(mm) 220 Preload Light Preload Accuracy Standards High Grade Nominal Part Number 12 Ball Alignment Miniature Type     FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PRODUCT, PL..
  • MOVE mini buggy kit (lnclude micro:bit)
    MOVE mini buggy kit (lnclude micro:bit) The Kitronik :MOVE mini buggy kit for the BBC micro:bit provides a fun introduction to robotics. The :MOVE mini is a 2 wheeled robot that is suitable forautonomous operation, remote control projects via a Bluetooth application or being controlled using a second BBC micro:bit as a controller via the microbits radio functionality. The Kitronik :MOVE mini is powered by two continuous rotation servo motors. The speed of these servos can be controlled by simply altering the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal to the servo, which is easy to do using the Servo blocks in the Microsoft PXT Block editor. We have also produced Kitronik custom blocks for the Servo:Lite to make the task of coding as quick and painless as possible, see the res..
  • Pololu m3pi Robot with mbed Socket
    Pololu 3pi Robot The Pololu 3pi robot is a complete, high-performance mobile platform featuring two micro metal gearmotors, five reflectance sensors, an 8×2 character LCD, a buzzer, and three user pushbuttons, all connected to a C-programmable ATmega328 microcontroller. Capable of speeds exceeding 3 feet per second, 3pi is a great first robot for ambitious beginners and a perfect second robot for those looking to move up from non-programmable or slower beginner robots.   Overview       The 3pi robot is designed to excel in line-following and maze-solving competitions. It has a small size (9.5 cm/3.7" diameter, 83 g/2.9 oz without batteries) and takes just four AAA cells (not included), while a&nb..
  • Pololu m3pi Robot with mbed Socket
    Pololu 3pi Robot The Pololu m3pi robot consists of a 3pi robot base with a fully assembled m3pi expansion board as its second level. This expansion board enables the use of a powerful 32-bit mbed development board as the robot’s high-level controller, which offers significantly more processing power and free I/O lines than the 3pi’s built-in 8-bit AVR microcontroller. There are also sockets for Wixel and XBee wireless serial modules as well as prototyping space for additional sensors and electronics. Overview The m3pi robot is a fully-assembled, upgraded version of our popular 3pi robot. It consists of a 3pi robot base connected to an assembled m3pi expansion board that simplifies augmenting your robot’s capabilities with an mbed development board (or other microcontroller b..
    ROS OPEN PLATFORM ROBOT SLAM WITH SOFT WARE (Turtlebot2)   DESCRIPTION This product run On Adrunio Mega 2560 and Raspberry Pi 3 and it include all hard ware and soft ware that you needed plues the 260 degree Lidar Sensor. This run on Linux and ROS Control no technical support will be provided and Non returnable or refund once order is place. This Model inclued all item - Motor,Wheel,battery,Controller board,Sd card with SLAM Guiding Software and coding. If you are not familiar with Linux and ROS, we strongly recommand that you don't get this! But if you know it that will be a most recommanded robot to you. Good Luck!     ..
  • Skeleton Bot - 4WD Hercules Mobile Robotic Platform
    Skeleton Bot - 4WD Hercules Mobile Robotic Platform     4WD Hercules Mobile Robotic Platform adheres to the spirit with strong power and complete function, and it is a companion for you to enter into the robot world where you can make your own robot mobile platform. Hercules, the Titan in Greek mythology, is widely known for his strength and spirit of adventure.   It consists of the component of Hercules motor controller, Hercules skeleton, gear motor etc. The Hercules motor controller can consistently support the current up to 15A and driving voltage in the range of 6V-20V, thus, it can supply strong motive power to the wh..
  • Turtlebot 3 Burger
    Turtlebot 3 Burger Introduction TurtleBot3 is a new generation mobile robot that is modular, compact and customizable. The goal of TurtleBot3 is to drastically reduce the size and lower the price of the platform without sacrificing capability, functionality, and quality. Optional parts such as chassis, computers and sensors are available, and TurtleBot3 can be customized in various ways. TurtleBot3 is willing to be in the center of the maker movement by applying the latest technical advances of the SBC(Single Board Computer), the Depth sensor and 3D printing technology. Features Included Specifications   ..