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  • Cytron ESP8266 WiFi Shield
    Cytron ESP8266 WiFi Shield Because of IoT (Internet of Thing), everything is connected to Internet, a crucial element is WiFi that provide wireless connection to Internet. We have been carrying ESP module and many have used it. However it is not user friendly enough for beginner. The module is 3.3V powered and the pins are not properly broken out. Intergrating it to PIC or Arduino will require some skill and electronics interface.   With this ESP WiFi shield, it will be plug and use for Arduino user. The shield come preassembled with ESP8266-12 WROOM-02 module which offers WiFi connection to your Arduino board or project. No additional soldering or wiring needed, just stack the shield on to Genuino UNO, CT-ARM, CT-UNO, Genuino Meg..
  • SKM53 GPS Starter Kit
    SKM53 GPS Starter Kit *Starting from 20th March 2015, SKGPS-53 is Rev2.0, please check Rev2.0 User's Manual.   The SKM53 GPS module Starter Kit (SKGPS-53) is a special designed starter kit which offer convenient yet safer GPS module for user. Power for SKGPS -53 is supply from 5V of UART pin. UART communication is provided for user interface this starter kit to PC/laptop or micrcocontroller. The SKM53 Series with embedded GPS antenna enables high performance navigation in the most stringent applications and solid fix even in harsh GPS visibility environments. It is based on the high performance features of the MediaTek 3329 single-chip architecture. It is -165dBm tracking sensitivity extends positioning coverage into place like urban canyons and dense fol..