Laserbox Pro

Laserbox Pro
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• What is Laserbox ?
LaserBox is a smart desktop laser cutter that's specially designed for education and creation purposes.
The high-resolution ultra-wide-angle lense, accompanied by AI computer vision, gives LaserBox the ability to "see" things.
So, the machine can auto-identify any official material and then set up parameters accordingly.
Besides, it boasts visual operation and auto focus features.
As a pioneer, LaserBox redefines smart laser cutters by enabling users to easily bring what they draw into tangible items.
It makes laser engraving accessible to more people and encourages everyone to bring their designs to life.
 Smart and intuitive:
Bring sketch to life with these features - automatic materials recognition, automatic parameters setting,
auto focus, visual operation, intelligent image extraction, auto path planning, and time preview.
 Safe and eco-friendly:
cutter stops the second the door opens, smart smoke purifier, multiple early-warning systems, safety certification
 Excellent compatibility:
support 3 connection methods, multiple software, a variety of image formats, and systems including macOS and Windows
• Companion materials:
materials gallery, companion courses
Laser Capacity : 40W (safe and energy-saving)
Laser Source : CO2
Accuracy (dpi) : Accuracy (dpi) 
Power Requirements : 220V 60Hz
Z-axis movement : 25mm
Max engraving depth : 15mm (paulownia timer)
Focusing Mode : materials recognition auto focus / thickness settings auto focus / visal recognition auto focus
Connection : Wi-Fi / USB / Ethernet
Cooling : Built-In water cooling system
Software : PS/AI/CoreIDRAW/AutoCAD/Solidworks/AutoDraw

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