Hanna Instruments HI 98107 pH Meter, ±0.1pH Accuracy, 0.1pH Resolution, +14pH Max

Hanna Instruments HI 98107 pH Meter, ±0.1pH Accuracy, 0.1pH Resolution, +14pH Max
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Product Details

Hannah Instruments Pocket pH and Conductivity Meters

For 'on the move' users, the Hannah Instruments pocket range are handy small devices designed for a wide variety of uses. Applications include quality control, swimming pools, agriculture, fish farming and the printing industry.

All pH meters in this range are supplied with a protective cap, batteries and instructions. With clear LCD displays and sleek design not only are the quick and simple to use, they are ideal for users looking for a portable device.

Features and Benefits:

HI-98107 218-970
• Waterproof and designed to float
• Dual Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
• pH 0.0 to 14.0 and temperature ˚C readings displayed simultaneously
• Renewable junction
• Easy 1 or two point automatic calibration
• 1000 hour battery life

HI-98201 288-8177
• Renewable junction
• Platinum electrode
• Range up to ±999 mV
• 700 hours battery life

Where is a pH Meter used?

From laboratories and quality control to schools, pH meters have a wide range of application. They are often used in solutions to indicate alkalinity or acidity, some also measure electrical potential, these are called "potentiometric pH meters". Usually with a meter and a probe, some pH meters also measure temperature. Whatever type of measurement is needed RS offers a wide range of pH meters to meet your pH measurement needs.



These meters can be calibrated using the conductivity and pH solutions featured in this section.

Attribute Value
Maximum pH +14pH
Minimum pH 0pH
pH Resolution 0.1pH
Best pH Accuracy ±0.1pH


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