Qoitech AB Otii DC Power Analyzer

Qoitech AB Otii DC Power Analyzer
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    SG - OTII-ARC-001
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Power supply, monitoring and analysis in one easy to use and feature-packed product, the Otii by Qoitech is the ultimate tool for any developer aiming to design highly energy efficient IoT projects.

Otii includes the Otii Arc measurement unit and the Otii software for Ubuntu, Windows & macOS. Please note this product comes with a lifetime subscription to the Otii Software.

Connect Otii Arc and power your device directly to the DC input or battery connectors. It will act as both an up to 5V DC power supply and high-resolution voltage and current measurement unit.

Otii software will give you real time measurements and generate statistics based on the entire data set or small subsections even during the recording process. You can record and compare the changes in energy consumption due to changes in your software and hardware in one and same Otii project. Share the data with team mates and suppliers.


•Records currents, voltages and UART logs and displays them in real time as charts and interactive measurements and comparisons
•Recordings synchronized with UART debug logs
•Enables long continuous recordings, recording time limited only by computer storage
•Sample rate of up to 4k samples per second.
•Measurement range of <100nA-5A. Requires an external power supply if going beyond USB capabilities. Note: If using a Yellow USB port or with a lightning symbol, often they can power up to 1500+mA without the need for an external power supply. Check your USB port power limits for more info.
•Data + Power via USB. 2.1mm DC jack for external power
•ADC subsystem measurements with differential measurement range of -81.9175 mV to 81.92 mV
•Two General Purpose Inputs
•Two General Purpose Output
•Two Sense pins that can be used to compensate for voltage drop in cables or as extra voltage sensors
•Monitor multiple projects and Otiis from the same computer
•Monitor multiple projects and Otiis from the same computer
•Quick to use – download Otii app, connect Otii Arc via USB to your computer, start the app and you can start your measurement project
•Dimensions (WxLxH) – 109 mm x 144 mm x 44 mm
•Weight 450g

What is Otii Arc?

Otii Arc is a small, portable power supply, a current and voltage measurement unit and a data-acquisition module. It can be powered by USB or by using an external DC-adapter.

Otii Arc comes with the featured-packed standard Otii software. Made for hardware, firmware and software developers.

Attribute Value
Absolute Maximum Current Measurement 5A
Maximum Voltage 4.2V


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