3G Shield

3G Shield
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3G Shield

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3G Shield is an expansion board based on the SIM5216E Module, and SIM5215 series module is a multi-frequency HSDPA / WCDMA / GSM / GPRS / EDGE module solution that supports HSDPA data transmission at a speed of no more than 3.6Mbps. 3G Shield can directly replace the SIM5215, compatible with its Hardware and Software. The rich application features of 3G shield, such as supporting embedded LUA script, or TCP/ UDP/ FTP/ HTTP/ HTTPS/ SMTP/ POP3/ MMS and other software features, provide customers with more application flexibility, and greatly facilitate customers to do application integration. Meanwhile, its unique camera interface and video telephony features provide additional value to the monitoring program. The module can be widely used in meters, gateways, automotive telematics, asset tracking and security monitoring solutions.

3G Shield not only inherited the SIM5215E Module all application features, but also expanded many common interfaces, including two camera interfaces, a microphone and a headphone jack, USB port, SIM card interface, SD card interface, as well as the Arduino compatible interface.

Make sure add using 9V Charger for power supply for your Arduino board, Because of the power supply and the transmitting burst will cause voltage drop and the power supply must be able to provide sufficient current up to 2A. The USB port can not supply such a large current.

Note: we did not solder miniCamera FPC connector.



  • Support multiple modules:SIM5216A、SIM5216E、SIM5216J
  • Support RTC super capacitor
  • Support 3G communication
  • Support Micro SD card、SIM card
  • Support multiple webcam access:OV7670、OV7690、OV7725、OV2640、AK8856
  • Fully compatible with Arduino/ Freaduino
  • Can control via AT Command
  • SIM5216 Module supporting voltage range:3.3V-4.2V
  • Input Voltage:DC 7-23V
  • Dimension:86mmx57.1mm


  • Smart home
  • Vehicle telematics
  • Asset tracking and security monitoring
  • Meters,gateways
  • Industrial communication


3G shield


3G shield


3G shield 


Package List:

  • 1 x 3G shield
  • 1 x 2.4G antenna


ELECFREAKS-WIKI - ElecFreakshttps://www.elecfreaks.com/wiki/index.php?title=3G_shield



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