RFID-NFC Plug & Play Kit with LCD

RFID-NFC Plug & Play Kit with LCD
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NFC/ISO14443 OEM reader USB + LCD board - The popular and easy to use NFC Plug & Play Starter Kit. The kit contains the NFC-RFID APPB Plug & Play Module, a LCD board with connection cable, a CD-ROM with documentation, source code example (in C++) as well as an USB cable.


The intelligent reader firmware allows an easy and fast access to a big a variety of 13.56 MHz RFID chips without deep RFID knowledge. The NFC reader module is ideal for the integration in information kiosks, vending machines, entry systems or desktop reader. The APPB Plug & Play NFC-RFID reader module is easy to use, includes an integrated antenna and the possibility for to read/write digital inputs & outputs. With the assembled wire-to-board connector it is possible to connect external electronics to the NFC/RFID module. The easyCommunication commands of the intelligent reader software can also read an analogue input. The included 2 x 16 LCD board can be easily connected to the NFC module via the also contained flatband cable and controlled by firmware commands.

With this the LC display can be utilized in a very simple way to show relevant information of a data transaction or a user/process interaction with the NFC-RIFD tags.

The simple commands of the intelligent RFID reader module facilitates a fast application development and a short time-to-market period. The Plug & Play NFC Starter Kit supports the ISO standards 14443, ISO 18092 and besides the NFC Forum Tag Types also the NXP MIFARE family like MIFARE Ultralight / UL-C, MIFARE Classic 1K / 4K, MIFARE DESFire EV1 and MIFARE Plus as well as dual interface cards. Furthermore it supports Infineon my-d and Sony FeliCa.

The module also supports the NFC peer-to-peer mode and like all other products of the intelligent NFC AxxB reader series it is compatible with the open source NFC library libnfc (www.libnfc.org)

Typical Applications

  • Access control
  • Payment systems & loyalty schemes
  • Identification systems
  • Card personalization
  • Production test and chip encoding
  • Process or transaction control


  • Super easy NFC / RFID chip handling
  • Intelligent NFC reader firmware by „embedded DLL”
  • Integrated key handling
  • Easy LC display control
  • USB (Virtual com port) driver for various platforms
  • Fast application development and time to market
  • Connection of external hardware via I/O pin control
    • LCD  connection and LCD commands
    • LED & buzzer control and commands
  • Other host interface optionen (UART, RS232) upon request

Technical Data

Technical data (Reader)

  • ISO/IEC 14443 Type A/B, ISO/IEC 18092
  • Frequency: 13,56 MHZ
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Connector host: USB Typ B Buchse
  • Connector I/O ports: MicroMatch, female
  • Power supply: via USB port
  • Reading distance: up to 5 cm
  • Dimensions: 70 x 45 x 13 mm

Technical data (LCD)

  • Type: Dotmatrix - 2x16
  • Background: blue
  • Text: white
  • Backlight: white (LED)
  • Controller: HD44780
  • Contrast: adjustable
  • Power supply: via APPB reader
  • Dimensions: 75 x 27 x 11 mm


  • 1x NFC-RFID APPB Plug & Play Module, USB
  • 1x LCD board with connection cable
  • 1x USB 2.0 cable
  • 1x CD-ROM with documentation, source code example (in C++)
  • Selected sample tags


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