Electrocardiogram Heart Monitor

Electrocardiogram Heart Monitor
  • Price:

    S$ 78.00


  • Standard Kit with case.
  • Visible and audible display of your heart rhythm
  • Re-usable sensors included; just like visiting the lab at the hospital!
  • Bright LED "Beat" indicator for easy viewing
  • Monitor output for professional display on your oscilloscope
  • Simple and safe 9V battery operation

We have found many different uses for this little kit! Applications ranging from the traditional ECG/EKG monitor to the 'Newly-Wed' Love Synchronizer! One of the main reasons we designed the ECG1 was to answer a long running debate here at the shop. We wired up the 'Boss' and finally confirmed he does not have a heart! Use the ECG1 to astound your physician with your knowledge of ECG/EKG systems. Enjoy learning about the inner workings of the heart while at the same time covering the stage-by-stage electronic circuit theory used in the kit to monitor it. The three probe wire pick-ups allow for easy application and experimentation without the cumbersome harness normally associated with ECG monitors. The documentation with ECG1 covers everything from the circuit description of the kit to the circuit description of the heart! Multiple 'beat' indicators include a bright front panel LED that flashes with the actions of the heart, an adjustable level audio speaker output supporting mono or stereo hook-ups, and a monitor output to view the traditional style ECG/EKG waveforms you see on ER! The fully adjustable gain control on the front panel allows the user to custom tune the differential signal picked up by the probes giving you a perfect reading every time! Operates on a standard 9VDC battery, not included. This is NOT a medical device, it is intended for hobbyist usage only. If you experience any symptoms, seek medical help immediately! (Editors note: This kit is not intended for catalog editors and webmasters of Ramsey Electronics; it's too late!)



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