Estimote Development Kit with 3 Location Beacons

Estimote Development Kit with 3 Location Beacons
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    S$ 299.00


Estimote Development Kit with 3 Location Beacons

Estimote Beacons Developer Kit

  • The most robust Bluetooth Smart beacon on the market
  • 7 years default battery life (3 years as iBeacon™)
  • Simultaneous advertising of iBeacon™, Eddystone™ and Telemetry
  • Built-in sensors (temperature, motion, light, magnetometer)
  • GPIO slot for connected objects prototyping
  • Intelligent prototyping and deployment adhesive tape
  • Water resistant and eco-friendly reusable enclosures
  • Shipped with a brand new SDK 4.0 for iOS and Android

Certificates: pending


Estimote Location Beacons

Estimote Proximity Beacons

Estimote Stickers

Battery life 7 years by default 3 years by default 1 year by default
Supported formats iBeacon, Eddystone,
Custom packets,
Estimote packets
iBeacon, Eddystone Nearable, iBeacon
Multi-packet advertising Unlimited 1 packet
(iBeacon or Eddystone)
2 packets
(Nearable and iBeacon1)
Range 70 meters 70 meters 15 meters
Configurable settings Yes Yes Partially2
Sensors Motion, temperature,
ambient light, magnetometer
Motion, temperature Motion, temperature
GPIO connector Yes - -
Supported platforms iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android
Indoor Location Yes,
mapping locations
mapping locations
searching for nearables




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