CP2102 (6PIN) USB to TTL

CP2102 (6PIN) USB to TTL
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1, using the CP2102 chip

2 , board design, full-featured interface. With RXD TXD RST 3.3V 5V DTR DCD RI RTS CTS and other full-featured interface. Full-featured interface, use the more flexible.

3, with 500mA resettable fuse designed to prevent users from burning the wrong computer USB power connection

4 , with a power indicator .

5 , in-line computer USB interface design , you can not use the computer adapter cable or extension cord .

6, using the Du-Pont line , you can link directly to the customer's target board. Convenient and flexible.

7 , the transmission speed 115200bps easily qualified , definitely more than PL2303.

8 , to borrow a computer USB power supply , 3.3V and 5V power output can be provided directly to the user target board.

9 Note : RXD TXD marked some non-standard equipment , even if not directly , please cross-connect .

CP2102 Introduction :


    CP2102 is a USB to serial chip , compact and does not require any peripheral components to be enough as a simple USB-UART program , communication speed up to 1Mbps, it is easy to upgrade the product to a USB serial port , but due to its small size , but it is also MLP package, there are some technical difficulty of welding , so the owner has designed this compact USB-UART module , leads interfaces include 5V, 3.3V, TXD, RXD, GND, which TXD, RXD can be directly connected MCU serial port, convenient for debugging initial product , even 3.3V systems can also take power from the module ( less than 100mA), LED display module is powered and working properly.
Single- chip USB to UART data converters :
  - Integrated USB transceiver without external resistors
  - Integrated clock without external oscillator
  - The integrated 512-byte EEPROM for vendor code for the product code serial number plate power version number and product description and other data to provide storage space
  - Power-on reset circuit chip - chip voltage regulator 3.3V output USB function controller
  - Full compliance with USB Specification 2.0 (12 Mbps)
  - By SUSPEND and RI pin support USB suspend state

Asynchronous serial data bus (UART):
  - All handshaking and modem interface signals
  - Data formats supported:
   • 8 data bits
   • Stop bits 1, 2
   • Parity: Odd parity, even parity , no parity
  - Baud rate 300bps to 921.6kbps
  -512 512 byte receive buffer byte transmit buffer
  - Support for hardware handshaking or X-On/X-Off
  - Support event status and line termination conditions


Practical COM port device driver device :
  - Can the existing COM port PC applications with the use of
  - The issue of freedom of copyright licensing
  -Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
  -MAC OS-9
  -X-Windows CE
  -Linux 2.40 or later


Application examples :
  RS-232 to USB upgrade traditional devices
    - Mobile USB interface cable
    -PDA USB interface cable
    -USB to RS-232 serial adapter


Power supply voltage :
  - Self-powered : 3.0V to 3.6V
  -USB bus-powered : 4.0V to 5.25V


  -28 Feet MLP (5mm X 5mm)

Package Included:

1 X   CP2102 module USB to TTL 6pin USB to serial UART Module


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