Breadboard Plugin Components Pack

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    DF ROBOT 1
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    SG - KIT0098
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    S$ 33.00


Breadboard-Plugin series is a new kit for breadboard experiment. It provides convenient, reliable and reusable components, plugins and modules. This innovative approach will solve the following issues when using a breadboard:

  • The problem by using DIP type of components
    • Hard to read the value (Resistor color codes)
    • Severe deformations of the pin after used, non-reusable, not environment-friendly
    • The pin diameter is too thin or too thick, poor match with the breadboard hole 
    • Confused the order of transistor “e”, “b”, “c” pins
  • Usage problem: Most of sensors and actuators require 3 interfaces: Signal/VCC/GND, you have to use the jumper wire for the connection, messy and unreliable.


  • Easy to recognize : Resistance value, capacitance values, positive/negative polaron and pin functions are marked clearly.
  • Easy to learn : The circuit symbol is clearly visible, directly match the circuit diagram
  • Easy to use : Direct-plug pin
  • Easy to Plug/unplug : The 0.64mm diametral pin matches the breadboard hole perfectly
  • High-reliability : ENIG technology, the circuit connection is reliable and durable
  • Environment-friendly : Reusable and Environment-friendly

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