Cable Lock Key Security Anti Theft Kit Laptop/iPad/Tablet/Projector/Phone/MAC

Cable Lock Key Security Anti Theft Kit Laptop/iPad/Tablet/Projector/Phone/MAC
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    SG - CKL001
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    S$ 60.00


Material: Zinc Alloy + Stainless Steel Wire

Weight: 220g Length: 1000mm

Lock Size: Φ 18.5 * 24.6mm

Wire diameter: 5.0mm


The keys are unique that they cannot be imitated and re-produced.

The lock head which is made of stainless steel is rusting-resistant.

The anchor plate of high adhesiveness can stick to any hard surface.

The high-carbon cable,made of galvanized steel has strong strength.

The PVC coating can prevent the delicate surface from being scratched.

It can be used on almost all notebooks, desktops,cellphones,iPad, Tablets and projectors.


• FIT FOR ALL THE TABLETS : With a anchor plate, The Hardware cable lock fit for Mac Book and all the Tablets, Smart Phones, such as Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Kindle, iPhone, Samsung, Android Tablets and phones etc.

• FIT FOR ALL THE LAPTOPS: With Standard Kensington lock, the security cable lock also fits for all laptops that have Kensington slot, such as HP, DELL, Lenovo, Thinkpad, Surface Book and other laptops.

• HOW TO USE: For Tablets/Laptops without Kensington lock slot: Bound the anchor plate,which is lined with strong adhesive, to the hard surface of the devices, then insert the the locking head into the plate with keys and loop the cable around a fixed object. FOR LAPTOPS WITH KENSINGTON LOCK SLOT, just simply insert the lock head into the slot, and loop the cable around a fixed object.

• 100% ANTI THEFT: The lock head is made of super strong stainless steel , can be rotated in 360 degree. The cable is made of cut-resistant twisted steel with PVC coat, extra length of 6.5ft fully meet your daily demands.

• PACKAGING-- Security cable lock (1M long), Anchor plate with strong adhesive, 2 keys


Note: Adhesive the back of the electronic device is 3M double sided tape, and the lock is connected to a metal patch,metal patch with adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive to each other.




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