Kunbus PLC I/O Module for use with Revolution Pi Connect, Revolution Pi Core, 96 x 22.5 x 110.5 mm, Digital, RevPI DI

Kunbus PLC I/O Module for use with Revolution Pi Connect, Revolution Pi Core, 96 x 22.5 x 110.5 mm, Digital, RevPI DI
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Product Details

Revolution Pi DI - Powered by Raspberry Pi


The RevPi DI, like its counterparts, the DO/DIO, features a 28 pin connector on the front side of the module (2 rows of 14 male pins) and comes with female connectors with spring clip contacts up to 1.5mm². The DI has 16 digital outputs.


Features and benefits


• Galvanic separation between the PiBridge logic circuit (uses its own power supply) protects against reverse polarity, over voltages and transient voltage or current interference adhering to the requirements of EN61131-2.
• PiBridge cyclically exchanges with the RevPi Core's central processing image using the PiControl driver. As per these exchanges occurring, any possible error conditions and configuration data is also cyclically transmitted.
• DC inputs have a voltage threshold of 24 V supply voltage which is compliant with EN61131-2 type 1 & 3 as input definitions. Your input current will be capped at a maximum of 2.4mA.
• Adjustable low-pass filtering that helps prevent input signal bouncing. The filter applies to all inputs or none. All the inputs are protected against any ESD interference, including bursts and surges compliant to EN61131-2.
• SPI data exchange monitoring is enabled on the DO. Safe states are run if no SPI traffic is detected and also if output power supply drops too low or the output circuit reached an over-temperature.
• DIN rail mountable (to EN 50022) & compact in size making it perfect to mount several where space restrictions may apply.
• Polycarbonate housing material prescribed to standard EN 61131-3 (resistance to vibration/shock/damp air/high&low temperatures)
• IP20 rated (effective sealing resistant to foreign bodies such as dirt/dust)
• Outputs not only come through digital signal but also a pulse-width modulated PWM signal




• Automotive sector
• Energy sector
• Lighting sector
• Home automation


With this digital input module, the RevPi Core can be extended by 16 digital inputs, thus creating the prerequisite for a small industrial controller. The expansion module is connected to the RevPi core via the top connector. The connector is included in the scope of delivery of this expansion module.


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