E-Fuel 1200Watt 15~30 Volt, 50 Amp Power Supply

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    SG - SK200015
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eFuel delivers Solid, Smooth and Stable power supply for your Charger
This is a monstrous Power Supply Unit (PSU) with High Voltage output, specially made for large battery pack and parallel charging. If you have a big heli you'll know, because they need 2 X 22.2V 5000mah batteries (Totally 44.4V), you'll need a powerful and fast charger, this PSU is built for "High Voltage Fast Charge" on those big batteries.

By using the REVOELECTRIX Powerlab 8 1344W Power Station with this 1200W PSU, you can connect Two 22.2V 5000mah batteries at the same time and able to use 15A each to charge the batteries, you'll have them ready in 30 Minutes. Comparing normal 5A charger, it takes 2 hour to charge them.

No only for charging large packs, people like to use parallel charge several packs at a time, like 4 X 11.1V 2500mah packs, you will have them ready (Four of them!) in 15 minutes, now that worth the extra cost!

It delivers "TRUELY 50A" power output as they claim which many others don't. The maximum output current is regulated by the output power of this power supply and does not exceed 50 Amp. By using the best quality transformers and electronics specialized for RC hobby use, the SKYRC eFuel performs extremely well compare with ordinary Power Supply Unit you bought locally or other brand of PSU. The eFuel Power Supply Unit is made by SKYRC - a very famous brand in China who targets in making the best quality RC Electric equipments, it will delivers what you expected or even more.

About the eFuel 50A (1200Watt) HV Power Supply Unit
- One main DC power outputs, up to 50 amperes, three 10A output channels with ON/OFF switch
- Output voltage adjustable 15-30V
- Large LCD indicates voltage and current amperes output
- Smart cooling fan
- Over temperature protection
- Over loading protection
- Short circuit protection
- Two USB Charging port

True 50A/1200W Continuous Output


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